††††††† MasterHook Marketing Manual


What is the product and service?†††††††††††††††††††††††††††

MasterHook supplies two tow hitch system standards being the Europe-standard and the USA-standard. Both standards can be used on cars that are made in Thailand. The EU-standard is mostly used low bellied cars like passenger vehicles and vans. The USA-standard is used for higher cars like pick-ups, SUVís and small trucks. The systems are equal in strength, durability and material but there are differences between the systems.

The USA-standard consists of a tow bar frame with a 2 inch receiver tube. In this tube a ball mount is locked. The ball mount can be stored inside the towing vehicle when not used. The receiver tube can also be used to carry a bicycle rack and other accessories.

The EU-standard consists of a tow bar frame with fixed tow ball which cannot be detached like the USA-type. MasterHook also imports tow hitches from Europe of which the tow ball is removable.

All tow hitches are fitted with an electrical socket in which the electricity plug of the trailer or other towing accessory can be plugged. The electrical socket is connected to the wiring of the towing vehicle, ie. the taillights, braking lights and turn lights.

Why buying a tow hitch?

But primarily a tow hitch is used for towing trailers or other objects. A tow hitch however also provides extra strength at the back end of your vehicle. In case of an accident from behind the tow hitch absorbs a lot of the impact. Trailers are available for all kinds of purposes. From free cargo space trailers that allow for increasing the amount of cargo you can bring with vehicle, to trailers that with which you can haul cars, motorcycles or boats. There are also many accessories which can be mounted on your tow hitch i.e. a motorbike carrier, a cargo carrier, a bicycle rack and even a BBQ.

Why should you buy a tow hitch from MasterHook?

The MasterHook tow hitches have a lot of proís comparing other tow hitches like:

-          All tow hitch models are hidden, which keeps the back of your car look clean.

-          MasterHook tow hitches are installed without the necessity of having to modify your car.

-          MasterHook tow hitches are stronger than other tow hitches.

-          We have 15 years of experience.

-          The MasterHook tow hitches are manufactured in an ISO certified factory.

What is in it for you?

We offer you the chance to become a retailer of the MasterHook products. If you are a MasterHook Dealer (capable of installing tow hitches) you will benefit from our Agents and Shops who are selling the tow hitches to their customers. By being the nearest installation address, they will direct their customers to you for having their tow hitch installed by you. By joining the retail network of MasterHook you automatically become part of the success.


Becoming part of the MasterHook retail organization means:

Expand your car related business.

If you have a shop selling car related parts then adding tow hitches to your sales will able you to cover more of your customerís wishes. And other customers will be sent to you by other people within our sales network, giving you an opportunity to sell your other products.

Itís so easy

When being an Agent of having a Shop a tow hitch can be sold on the side and wonít disturb the rest of your business. Making an installation appointment is done in 5 minutes using our website, and you will earn money for every appointment that is made.

Expand your sales.

Being able to offer more products, will increase your income.

Expand your customer base by being promoted on the MasterHook website store locator.

Once you have become a MasterHook retail Shop or Dealer, your shop info will be saved on our website. Your shop will pop-up on the online store locator map and can easily be found by people who visit the website. Hence you will have a chance to increase your customersí base.

Expand your reach, by staying in contact with other retailers.

The Dealers amongst our retailers can install tow hitches, while the others sell them and find the Dealers to install the tow hitches. Being part of the MasterHook retailers network will fill up each otherís weak points. If youíre not able to install, just send him to your MasterHook retailer friend who can install the tow hitch. If youíre able to install, you will benefit from having a lot of retailer friends who will send their customers to you.

Be in front of the line with a new product.

Tow hitches are a new product in Thailand, and the demand is rising. Be the first who will sell tow hitches and claim a pole position. The motto is: ďfirst come, first serveĒ.

Get a fee every time you make an order.

Every time an Agent or Shop will make a reservation to install a tow hitch they will get a 1000 baht fee. A Dealer will make 1000-3000 baht for every installation made. Next to this everybody in the network can earn more money by selling other products along with the tow hitch.


How does it work?

Become one of the 3 types of retailers.

1. The Agent: Not able to install tow hitches and has no ability to install a tow hitch. The agent sells a tow hitch by collecting 1000 Baht as a deposit on the tow hitch. He makes the installation appointment for the customer at one of the MasterHook Dealer. The customer receives a receipt with the time of the installation appointment and name and location of the dealer of their selection. Can be done everywhere with any computer or smartphone.

2. The Shop: A MasterHook Ship is a car-service related outlet, but is not able to install tow hitches. A shop has the MasterHook display. The Shop salesman sells a tow hitch by collecting 1000 Baht as a deposit on the tow hitch. He makes the installation appointment for the customer at one of the MasterHook Dealer. The customer receives a receipt with the time of the installation appointment and name and location of the dealer of their selection. Can be done everywhere with any computer or smartphone.

3. The Dealer: A MasterHook Dealer has the ability to install tow hitches. The Dealer buys tow hitches from the MasterHook through the web site or by calling MasterHook. Depending on the quantity of tow hitches ordered per order, the Dealer gets a whole sale discount price. MasterHook ships the tow hitches to the Dealership. The dealership makes a margin between 1000-3000 baht depending on the quantity of tow hitches purchased in one order.
For the installation of a tow hitch done through an appointment made by a MasterHook Agent or Shop the Dealer receives a installation fee of 1000 Baht.

The website is your most important tool, and is very easy to use.

The website has a search engine to simply find the right tow hitch for the customerís vehicle. Through an easy system it is possible to schedule an appointment with any MasterHook Dealer. The site can also be used to order tow hitches and any other parts from MasterHook.


The Agent and Shop receive a 1000 baht fee from the customer (down payment) and the customer gets a receipt with the installation time and date with a map of the MasterHook dealer.

The Dealer makes an appointment at his own shop, installs the tow hitch ordered at MasterHook. The margin on that tow hitch is the dealers profit.